Kegels, Ben Wa balls, pelvic floor exercises oh my!…Your V on Vaginal fitness

What is vaginal fitness you ask? It essentially encompasses the activity of working out the muscles within the pelvic floor. The repeated contracting and relaxing of the muscles are advised to strengthen them, creating a potential “tightening” effect. This is not about having a more narrow vagina it’s about having a more powerful one that feels right and tight! The vagina has an incredible ability to snapback. Sex is not a concern. Over time however, child birth and age can begin to fatigue these muscles. Strengthening the pelvic floor will help combat this. And what will a strong pelvic floor do for you? A strong pelvic floor can reduce incontinence issues, help you have stronger orgasms, and even make for easier vaginal delivery if you plan on having kids. 

 OK, so we got the basics out the way…but now you want to know what these exercises are right?…lol of course I got you per usual 😜… below are some different tools/techniques and a workout routine for you to try!

Kegel exercises

Would you be surprised to know that kegels are good for men too? That's because the strength of the pelvic floor is beneficial for controlling your bowels/bladder. For women, to find the appropriate muscles, place a clean finger inside your vagina and tighten your vaginal muscles around it , or stop  your urine mid-flow (Never hold your pee normally!). The muscles used in these actions are your pelvic floor muscles. If you can’t locate it, consult your gynecologist. Essentially, flexing and relaxing these muscles a few times a day (3 sets of 10 reps, if possible) will help with keeping that V strong!


Ben Wa Balls

Added tool in the kegel process to assist in the strengthening. Ben Wa balls are small, weighted, and designed to be inserted in the vagina. They usually come in pairs and are sometimes linked together by a string. There’s a whole market derived around variants of these balls, plenty for everyone to find their fit!



Pelvic Floor exercises 

This includes hip bridges, squats, and clam shells along with the aforementioned kegels.. These exercises, when done in the correct form, can assist in strengthening your pelvic floor. Due to these positions focus on utilizing the core pelvic floor muscles, any of them would be good to implement into your daily routine. 



So now when we ask you about your Vitness™️ you won’t look at us all puzzled. These are only a few tools that you could include in your arsenal, we just wanted to give you somewhere to start. We broke it down for you boo, so now you’ve got some routines to do!😅



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