You’re Sunbathing Wrong?! - Exploring the benefits and myths of Perineum & Vaginal Sunning

Yes, you read that correctly. We are talking about  an intimate relationship with our favorite ball of fire, and the parts of our bodies we know the least about, our genitals! If this doesn’t apply to you and you are Dr. Genitals PhD, please leave your comments we would love to hear from you! As for the rest of us, welcome. 

Let’s start with defining Perineum & Vaginal

sunning, so we know what we are dealing with here. Perineum is essentially the area covered by your undies, it’s the space from the pubic bone to the anal cavity. That means that includes the Vagina (for those still confused), so in continuing we won’t separate Perineum & vaginal 😉. The Perineum area hosts our blood vessels and nerves, that provide sensation and nutrition to the genitals. Seems a bit important 🤔. The idea is derived from an ancient Chinese philosophy called Taoism, in Taoism it is believed that humans should live in harmony with Tao, or “The Way''. Taoist also place an importance on the perineum where it is referred to as Hui Yin, or the “Gate of Life and Death”. By closing this “ gate", by contracting the pelvic floor and tightening the perineum, this “prevents leakage of sexual essence/generative energy and preserves it so that it may be transformed into vital life force energy and spirit energy.” Now that we have a little history on this topic, let's decipher this. Does this mean that we need not be stingy, but give it up to the sun?🤔….

Let’s focus on the “sunning” part for a min. This part of the process appears to have been added more recently, in The Tao of Sexology”, written in 1986 by Dr. Stephen T. Chang, A sun worship exercise technique is mentioned as being used by some "perineum sunners", saying “sunlight has excellent germicidal qualities, and exposure to the sun will help keep the anal and vaginal areas healthy and free of germs.” This idea has derived into a trend of spread eagle sunbathing, because of course. Regular Perineum “sunners" will usually advise anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 mins, to receive the full benefits of the practice; but where there’s a risk of potential overexposure to UV rays, there will be critics. Some of those critics are medical professionals, who advise extended UV exposure can lead to skin cancer. So the idea of repeatedly exposing your vag to the sun, isn’t suggested 😕. A “Vag-Burn” don’t sound cute boo.

So what should you take from this? Sun is good, in moderation... prolonged suntanning of your private area, not so much. Check your trends, girl! do a little research before diving into anything that affects that V.

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