Your V on: Travel Care for down there

If you are anything like us you are more than ready to get OUT! Like go away somewhere different and just be 😌… but before we run free with the wind blowing through our hair 🏃‍♀️💨, we like to do a little prep. Our Pre-trip, Mid-trip (middle of trip), and post-trip tips should help your travel run as smoothly as possible.

So I’m out...what do I need??

Lol too through, just about out the door, but we have to make sure we are prepared! Fail to plan, plan to fail, so let’s go over the particulars. Whether you are going a la nude or a bit more modest, you’ll want to look at your hair removal options. Not only that, you will also want to have a solid aftercare routine (imagine irritated skin in salt water😱😭😵‍💫! It’s very important to be aware of your destination's climate, this preparation will allow for a more enjoyable trip!


Exfoliation, gets you that “clean-close shave” smooth feel:

  • Brings hair completely out of the follicle
  • Removes the dead skin cells, revealing tiny hairs trapped underneath
  • Removes oil laying on top of the skin
  • By exfoliating regularly and exposing all the hair on the same growth cycle, your shave will last longer

We know it's  been a while... So you may need to go in with scissors or a trimmer first. Hair longer than 1/4 “ will just clog and dull your razor blade, don’t attempt unless you have money to burn, as well as razor burn (ouch!).

Packing List 📝✈️:

  • A light exfoliator - like a sugar scrub/ loofah/exfoliating mitt
  • Fresh razors
    • Make sure you have a fresh razor
    • Multiple blades necessary for a clean shave
    • Some doctors actually recommend using a fresh razor every time! This may not be realistic, but it puts into perspective how often we should be changing them!
  • A moisturizing product to shave with
  • Post shave moisturizer
  • SPF
  • After sun care - Aloe Vera 


Look at you, getting prepped!!! OK, we Exfoliated, Shaved, and moisturized. We’ve checked the weather thrice(!!!) and packed our SurVulval™️ kit, and we’re off!!!

Yaaaaasss, I’M HERE!!! 

OMG WE MADE IT!! Where’s the beach?!?! Wait, before we start full relaxation mode, let’s make sure we are ready for the festivities ahead. Good news: we prepped before, so there’s not a lot to do when we arrive (more fun, less fuss), but what if life throws you a curveball (because it’s not like it never does 🙄)? Don’t worry, you are on vacation and there are some hacks to help, for the things you didn’t pack😉.

Listen, we understand sometimes that hair grows back FAST! So here’s a Step by step on how to shave while on your trip:

  • Soak the hair in the tub or in the shower to soften it (a wet cloth will work)
  • Exfoliate 
  • Wet the area with warm water and some sort of lubricant (try to find a shave gel or syrup that is unscented and safe for the bikini area)
  • Wet your razor
  • Shave in the direction of the hair growth, holding your stomach to keep the skin taut
    • Avoid pressing down on the skin, go in long smooth strokes
    • Exfoliate, Again!
      • This is where a sugar scrub is particularly useful - it will remove the dead skin cells that the razor pulled up and align the follicles to prevent ingrown hairs
      • Gently pat the area dry with a towel, don’t be too rough, this could cause irritation
      • Moisturize with something unscented and gentle, baby oil, aloe vera
      • If you have particularly sensitive skin, patting the area with baby powder can also help reduce irritation, just don’t layer on too much (this could clog pores)
      • Wear cotton panties! If possible wear cotton panties afterward to let the skin breathe for a while, this too will help prevent irritation caused by harsher materials rubbing against the skin

      Remember you are probably in a tropical climate (we’re psychic), so your SPF is super important. Since this is a particularly sensitive area, skin protection is key, try looking for a good, mineral based non-comedogenic product. Also while you’re hydrating your lips up there, don’t forget the lower ones! Keep the skin moisturized! This will keep the area soft and maintained for your next shave!

      Back to it, no place like home

      Just what we needed😌…and now we’re back to our regularly scheduled program. As we hold on to the memory of the calm, we unpack and prepare for the chaos. Let’s go through all of our things, so we can dial it back for our regular routine. 

      Let’s go over the essentials, shall we?

      Pre-Trip: Exfoliation, Shave, Moisturize, and pack your Care kit.

      Mid-Trip: Exfoliation, Shave (if necessary), Exfoliation, and Moisturizer w/ SPF.

      Post-Trip: Exfoliation, Shave (if necessary), Moisturize, Moisturize, and oh Moisturize.

      **Make sure you are using non-expired razors (if you can see rust, it’s a bust!!!), check the climate against any allergies you may have, and if possible choose natural fabrics for down there, so V can go on vacation too!!!

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